• 1 hora
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  • 2 horas
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  • 500
  • toda la noche
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  • Edad – 36
  • Altura – 160
  • Peso – 48
Bizarr Lady Anda- erotic arrogance in perfection! Bizarre Lady Anda, is the extraordinary explosive mix of classic dominatrix - extreme sadist and wicked sensual playmate! She is the chameleon among the bizarre ladies - dominant, sadistic, merciless, unyielding, sensual, erotic and utterly depraved. Always experience a new facet with her and discover yourself completely new. "Dominance does not mean forcing you to kneel, but to arouse the desire to be on your knees." Bizarre Lady Anda loves to live out her sadistic vein anytime, no matter where. You want to run on a leash? With pleasure! Do you belong to the shy, jammed and inexperienced men who do not dare? Only courage !! Or are you a lover of bizarre eroticism? Experience with Lady Anda all your hidden secret wishes. Betray Bizarre Lady Anda all your fantasies and you will be amazed! Anda is a real lifestyle diva! Her love for expensive furs, nylons, high heels, latex and fine dresses is obvious and knows as few limits as her imagination and passion. Questioningly, you look at her elegant appearance, my desirable female body and ask yourself the question: "Am I in my quest for the Lady, who can fulfill my most intimate longings, finally arrived at the goal of my dreams?" Can this erotic woman, from the head until foot is set on love, make me really happy? As a secretary in shimmering seamed nylons and a mini skirt, who now and then slides up a bit when they cross their legs, she'll turn your head. You will not be able to look away from her white blouse, because she has left three buttons open and every move shows bits of her stunning neckline. Your fantasies are forbidden, a never-ending dream that dominates you, longings that are hidden in you, desire to be freed. Unreachable in reality, it is forbidden, you still want it ... You will not find peace! Your desire drives you to the brink of madness, into the clutches of a strong bizarre lady who uses you to satisfy her lust. Domina Anda will lead you to your limits and cross you with you! You will tremble, scream, gasp, sweat, beg for salvation. You're just one step away from doing IT. It's the last kick you're missing to find yourself. DO YOU FEEL IT? Do not hesitate !!! You only regret things you did not dare! Bizarr Lady Anda from Escortservice Berlin is waiting for you!

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