• 1 час
  • 150
  • 200
  • 2 часа
  • 300
  • 350
  • ночь
  • 750
  • 800
  • Возраст – 24
  • Рост – 165
  • Вес – 51
Tonight I went to visit Anita. Well it was an experience not to be forgotten. After a short contact via Whatsapp, and a quick video call I arranged to go to her place. I was taken aback when she opened the door as I certainly wasn't expecting such a beautiful girl. The most perfect slim yet well defined blond girl welcomed me in with a cute smile. She is far more beautiful than her pictures suggest. I was not sure what to expect and cannot say if her description is accurate as I was looking for more of a GFE experience and it was amazing. But I think that next time it might be a little different Upon entering, it clicked immediately. She has great English and is very interesting to talk to. We talked for a while then took a shower and ended up kissing on the couch before ending up naked on the bed where she gave me the most amazing bj. She was teasing me bringing me to the edge and then stopping and it has been a long time that I've ever been as perfectly and intensely blown as by Anita tonight. I could feel her warm mouth everywhere and she knew just how to get me turned on and controlled me to keep me from coming. A lovely horny and rare feeling! She started by sitting between my legs, so we could look at each other in between, which made the experience even more horny and intense! Then she came back the other way, so I could play with her during the bj. She made me feel so horny and satisfied me without any rushing and we repeated everything many times over the 3 hours that I was there. I could have stayed all night. She was naturally soaking wet and even told me that she came and of course I would like to think that it was true. It certainly felt like it Anita is an incredibly sweet, gentle and very friendly girl and has a nice slim figure. She kisses well and obviously has fun in what she does and we had a lot of laughs along the way. It was a fantastic experience for me and one the I will be repeating again. I hesitated writing this review as I am not sure that I want to share :-) and could keep her all to myself but that would not be fair to her.

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